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Rajasthani Miniature Paintings Maharaja Nauka Vihar/ Boat Ride
The Miniature paintings of Rajasthan were originally commissioned by the Rajput kings in the 7th century. Marked by graceful lines and delicate brushwork, miniature paintings of India have a glorious history, providing an artistic intimacy of Rajasthani artwork. They are not just meant to be observed, but instead, read from top to bottom like a story. Crafted with extreme finesse and vivid colors, this painting depicts a gorgeous lady dancer losing herself in the music as the emperor looks on. The artist has beautifully captured the royal entourage enjoying a boat trip outside the lake palace, which in the distance provides an effect of receding background. 
You will savor the moment of pomp and show with colorful costumes, decorated courtiers & striking Rajput architecture. Celebrating an art that was originally a means to record events, this painting is a true testament to India's Ancient history and splendor. 
It will certainly add a traditional touch to your wall and brighten up your living spaces. This painting is painted with poster colours on cotton cloth.
18” Length & 24” Width
*This piece of art comes without frame and might contain slight irregularities which add to its unique charm. 
NOTE- Paintings and Prints are made to order. Estimated  day of dispatch for Paintings and Prints is 15-20 days from the date of order confirmation.

Rajasthani Miniature Paintings Maharaja Nauka Vihar/ Boat Ride


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